• sen. susan collins: trump has learned his lesson cnn

    Sen. Susan Collins: Trump has learned his lesson CNN

    05.02.2020· Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said she believes President Donald Trump has learned his lesson regarding his impeachment in an interview with CBS News.

  • trump fooled gop senators who said he learned lesson

    Trump fooled GOP senators who said he learned lesson

    Trump has shown the Republican senators who hoped he would change after his impeachment trial "how foolish, naive, or hypocritical they were."

  • susan collins regrets saying she believed trump has

    Susan Collins Regrets Saying She Believed Trump Has

    Susan Collins Regrets Saying She Believed Trump Has Learned Lesson. She acknowledged it might be have been more accurate to say she "hopes" the president did. By David Moye. Hindsight is 20/20 for Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). Collins said Tuesday that she would vote to acquit President Donald Trump and that he had learned a lesson from the Ukraine scandal and his

  • trump has committed 4 new impeachable offenses since

    Trump has committed 4 new impeachable offenses since

    In a rare column for the Washington Post, editorial page editor Fred Hiatt claimed that Donald Trump has committed at least four more impeachable offenses since the Republican

  • trump impeachment: lamar alexander's hopes

    Trump Impeachment: Lamar Alexander's Hopes

    03.02.2020· League of Women Voters in the age of Trump and his Republican Party. 6. And David Karpf on . the 10,000 year clock. Get Early Returns every morning in your inbox. Click here to subscribe. Also

  • trump vs. biden: where they stand on health, economy

    Trump vs. Biden: Where they stand on health, economy

    30.07.2020· Trump officials say the administration has made strides by championing transparency on hospital prices, pursuing a range of actions to curb prescription drug costs and expanding lower-cost health

  • here are five irrefutable facts about trump’s ties to russia

    Here are five irrefutable facts about Trump’s ties to Russia

    In July 2016, Donald Trump — then still the Republican Party’s presidential candidate — openly encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, then the Democratic Party’s nominee for the White

  • 6 trump marketing lessons forbes

    6 Trump Marketing Lessons Forbes

    11.11.2016· The presidential election was a great marketing case study and Trump is a marketing genius. Here’s what I learned from his presentation at Inbound16, a day after Donald J. Trump became the

  • 12 things i learned about marketing from donald trump

    12 Things I Learned About Marketing From Donald Trump

    Trump defended his business sense by stating that he is proud of his business record and that on the other hand, his experience with debt makes him empathetic and ideally suited to confront the challenges of the economy.. Marketing Lesson: Four failed businesses out of hundreds is an incredibly solid track record when you consider that 9 out of 10 startups fail.

  • why do republicans still back trump? the answer is simple

    Why do Republicans still back Trump? The answer is simple

    Like any marketing virtuoso, Trump knows his competitors better than they know themselves. As to policy, Trump has basically governed the way you’d expect a GOP president to govern.

  • trump says he never confronted putin about russia

    Trump says he never confronted Putin about Russia

    Trump has been dogged by criticism that he was too friendly toward Moscow since taking office. The U.S. intelligence community found that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to boost his chances of winning the White House. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report last year determined his campaign had numerous contacts with

  • trump suggestion to delay 2020 election dismissed

    Trump suggestion to delay 2020 election dismissed

    30.07.2020· Collins’ Democratic opponent in her nationally targeted 2020 race, House Speaker Sara Gideon of Freeport, said in a tweet that it was clear Trump has not “learned his lesson” in

  • trump’s promotion of ‘demon sperm’ doctor was a poor

    Trump’s promotion of ‘demon sperm’ doctor was a poor

    31.07.2020· Trump’s hold on reality when it comes to his treatment of allies is as a limp as it is with medical quacks. “We have a president who looks up to a (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin and

  • the day republicans like trump's leadership of

    The Day Republicans like Trump's leadership of

    27.07.2020· Leo Chupaska, a Montville Republican, was supportive of Trump, though he tempered his reply. “Trump has done a decent job — give him credit — prior to COVID, our economy was strong and

  • how trump has used his power in the week since his

    How Trump has used his power in the week since his

    If the past week is any indication, President Donald Trump has indeed learned a lesson from his impeachment — but perhaps not the one that GOP Sen. Susan Collins had in mind.

  • is trump really winning? the truth about the president's

    Is Trump really winning? The truth about the president's

    01.07.2018· In fact, Trump’s approval rating during his first term has been “incredibly stable” within a band from about 36% to 43%, the polling analyst Harry Enten and others have pointed out.

  • trump impeachment: his defense undercuts his case

    Trump Impeachment: His Defense Undercuts His Case

    14.11.2019· Donald Trump has been saved from himself time and again by the insubordination of his own government. More from. Even Covid Can’t Justify $18.5 Billion Telehealth Deal A

  • donald trump acknowledges russia helped his election

    Donald Trump acknowledges Russia helped his election

    30.05.2019· WASHINGTON President Donald Trump appeared to admit for the first time Thursday intentionally or not that Russia helped his election in 2016. Minutes later, he rowed back on that

  • trump allies and republicans are questioning his syria

    Trump allies and Republicans are questioning his Syria

    President Trump's order to begin pulling U.S. troops from Syria within the next 30 days drew pushback from Republicans, foreign allies and even officials within his own administration on Wednesday.. The big picture: Trump's claim that the U.S. has "defeated" the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Syria — which he called his "only reason" for remaining in the war — flies in the face of assessments

  • russia hearing: comey says no information to confirm

    Russia hearing: Comey says no information to confirm

    20.03.2017· Trump’s supreme court nominee has just told his wife he loves her very much. Now he is narrating his biography. He’s smiling, turning on the charm. Here’s the video feed again: Now he is